Female, Hebrew, Male, Nickname names, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes


Manu is a given name with several origins and meanings behind it such as:

  • an Indian male name meaning “thinking, wise, intelligent” from Sanskrit mánu मनु which ultimately derives from PIE root word *men- (to think, mind). In Hinduism, Manu is the the progenitor of humankind;
  • it could also be used as a shortened form of names such as Manuel or Emmanuel (both meaning “God is with us), or Manuela, the feminine form of Manuel;
  • Manu is also a Finnish male name, a variant of Mauno which is the Finnish form of Magnus meaning “great, big, large”;
  • Manu is also a Hawaiian unisex name (and word) meaning “bird”

Origin: Proto-Indo-European; Hebrew; Hawaiian, Maori

Meaning: several depending on its origin such as from Sanskrit “thinking, wise, intelligent”; a nickname for Manuel/Emmanuel or Manuela “God is with us”; a Finnish name “great, big, large”; also a Hawaiian unisex name “bird”

Usage: Hindi, Indian, Kannada, Spanish, German, French, Finnish, Hawaiian

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