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Olive is a female given name which comes from the olive tree, its fruit cultivated since ancient times for cooking and skincare use. The name comes from Old French olive (olive, olive tree) via Latin olīva (olive), itself of uncertain origin. It’s been linked to Ancient Greek elaia (olive tree) via a Proto-Hellenic source, though it may also be derived from a pre-Greek origin.

Olive is also a French and English surname.

Olive is also a color, a dark yellowish-green color, like the color of green olives.

The olive branch symbolizes peace and reconciliation and in Ancient Greece it was a symbol of fertility and chastity. The olive tree also plays a prominent role in the founding myth of Athens, in which the gods Athena and Poseidon fought between themselves to have the city named after them. In an attempt to convince the citizens, they each decided to bestow a gift, Poseidon giving them a salt spring while Athena created the olive tree, and the people chose the olive tree.

Origin: uncertain

Meaning: “olive”

Usage: English


  • Olive (Late Roman)

Male forms:

  • Olive (Late Roman)

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