Illarion is a Russian male name, the Russian form of Ancient Roman Hilarius meaning “cheerful happy” via Ancient Greek hilaros ἱλᾰρός (cheerful, merry, glad)< hilaos (gracious; kind) which ultimately derives from a PIE root word.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “cheerful, glad”

Usage: Russian

Nicknames: Larya (Russian)


  • Ilariy (Russian)
  • Ilarion (Macedonian, Bulgarian)
  • Hilarius (Ancient Roman)
  • Hilarion (Ancient Greek)
  • Ilari (Finnish)
  • Hillar (Estonian)
  • Hilaire (French)
  • Ilario (Italian)
  • Ealair (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Ellar (Scottish, anglicized form of Ealair)
  • Hilario (Spanish)
  • Ilar (Welsh)
  • Hilary (English)
  • Ellery (English)

Female forms:

  • Hilaria (Ancient Roman, Spanish)
  • Ilaria (Italian)
  • Ilary (Italian)
  • Hilary (English)
  • Hillary (English)
  • Ellery (English)

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