Homa هما is a Persian female name which comes from the name of a mythical bird in Persian mythology. The Homa (also spelled Huma) is said to fly eternally, never landing on earth. It’s said that if its shadow fell upon a person it was considered good luck, signaling a blessed and happy fortune for that person. It has some similarities to the phoenix, thought to live a long life before dying in flames and rising anew from the ashes.

Although the exact meaning behind the name is uncertain, it has popularly been given that the first part of the name, hu, represents “spirit” while the second part comes from Arabic ma مَاء “water”.

Origin: uncertain

Meaning: the name of a mythical bird in Persian mythology, the meaning behind the name is unknown though it’s been linked to hu “spirit” + ma “water”

Usage: Persian


  • Huma (Persian)


Ailsa derives its name from Ailsa Craig, the name of a rocky island located off of Scotland. Though the name’s origin doesn’t seem certain, it’s often been linked as being derived from Alfsigesey meaning “Álfsigr’s island”, Álfsigr an Old Norse male name meaning “elf victory” composed of Old Norse elements alfr (elf) + sigr (victory). Other meanings I’ve seen listed for it are “fairy rock” or “Elizabeth’s rock” but those don’t seem very likely.

Origin: uncertain

Meaning: uncertain though it’s been linked to Alfsigesey “Álfsigr’s island”

Usage: Scottish, English