Aidan is an Irish male name, the anglicized form of Aodhán meaning “little fire” or “little fiery one”, made up of Aodh via Old Irish Áed (fire) and the diminutive suffix -án.

In Irish mythology Aodh (pr. ae like hay) is one of the sons of King Lir and the brother of Fionnuala, Conn, and Fiachra; he and his siblings were turned into swans by their jealous stepmother Aoife for 900 years.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “little fire” or “little fiery one”

Usage: Irish, Scottish, English


  • Aiden (English)
  • Aden (English)
  • Aydan (English)
  • Ayden (English)
  • Aedan (Irish, English)
  • Edan (Irish, Scottish)
  • Áed (Ancient Irish)
  • Áedán (Ancient Irish)
  • Áedh (Ancient Irish)
  • Aodh (Irish, Scottish)
  • Aodhán (Irish, Scottish)
  • Aodhagán (Irish, Scottish)
  • Iagan (Scottish)