Lulu لؤلؤة comes from the Arabic word meaning “pearl” and is often used a female given name. I’ve also come across the name as being used as a pet-name often given to slaves (male and female) in the ancient Middle East.

Lulu also originated as a diminutive of names beginning with the Lu/Lou sounds such as Louise/Louisa (“famous battle” or “famous in battle”), Lucy, Lucia (“light”), Luanne (a combination of Louise + Anne “favor, grace”), etc.

Lulu is also a Chinese female name, often used as a double name such as lù lù 露露 meaning “dew” or lù lù 璐璐 “beautiful jade”. There are likely other meanings depending on the characters used.

Origin: Arabic; Chinese

Meaning: “pearl” in Arabic; often used as a short form of names such as Louise “famous battle” or “famous in battle”, Lucy “light”, Luanne; a Chinese female name with varying meanings depending on the characters used “dew” or “beautiful jade”

Usage: Arabic, English, Chinese


Rocío is a Spanish female name (and word) meaning “dew”, which comes from the Marian title Marîa del Rocío (Mary of the dew) which ultimately derives from Latin rōs (dew) via a PIE root word.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “dew”

Usage: Spanish

Pronunciation: ro-thee-o (European Spanish); ro-see-o (Latin American Spanish


  • Rocio (anglicized spelling of Rocío)