Pascale is a French female name, the feminine form of Pascal which comes from Late Latin Paschalis “relating to Easter”, itself a derivative of pascha “Passover” via Ancient Greek páskha (Passover) via Aramaic pasḥā פַּסְחָא via a Hebrew root word.

Pascale is also an Italian and French surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Easter”, “Passover”

Usage: French


  • Pascaline (French diminutive of Pascale)
  • Pasqualina (Italian)
  • Pascuala (Spanish)
  • Pasqua (Italian)

Male forms:

  • Pascal (French, German, Dutch)
  • Paschal
  • Pasquale (Italian)
  • Pasqualino (Italian diminutive of Pasquale)
  • Pascual (Spanish)
  • Paskal (Bulgarian, Macedonian)
  • Pasco (Cornish)
  • Paškal (Croatian)
  • Paško (Croatian diminutive of Paškal)
  • Paschalis (Late Roman, Greek)