Furio is the Italian form of Furius, an Ancient Roman nomen derived from Latin furia meaning “fury, rage, madness” (and from which the words furious and fury derive from) which derives from an uncertain origin though it’s possible it may have originated from an Etruscan origin.

Furio is also an Italian surname originating from the given name.

Origin: unknown

Meaning: “fury, rage, madness”

Usage: Italian


  • Furius (Ancient Roman)

Female forms:

  • Furia (Ancient Roman)


Farooq (فاروق) is a variant transcription of Faruq, an Arabic male name meaning “one who distinguishes right from wrong” and is also a surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “one who distinguishes right from wrong”

Usage: Arabic, Indian, Urdu

Pronunciation: fa-rook (Forvo)


  • Faruq (Arabic)
  • Farouk (Arabic)
  • Faruk (Arabic, Turkish)


Franklin comes from an English surname meaning “freeholder”, referring to a class of landowners in medieval England who owned land but were neither serfs or nobles. The name comes from Anglo-Norman fraunclein (a landowner of free, but not noble, birth) via Old French franc (free) combined with the suffix -ling, -lein; franc comes from Medieval Latin francus which seems to be derived from the name of a tribe known as the Franks– the name itself seems to be derived from Proto-Germanic *frankô (spear, javelin) via a PIE origin.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “freeholder”

Usage: English

Nicknames: Frank, Franky/Frankie



  • Franklyn (English)

Female forms:

  • Franklina (English)


Frederick is the English form of Friedrich, a Germanic male name meaning “peaceful ruler”, made up of Germanic elements frid (peace) and ric (ruler); frid comes from Proto-Germanic *friþuz (peace, tranquility) via *frijaz (free) which ultimately derives from PIE root *preyH– (to love); and ric via Proto-Germanic *rīks (king, ruler) which ultimately derives from PIE root word *h₃reǵ- (to straighten, to right oneself).

Frederick is also an English surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “peaceful ruler”

Usage: English

Nicknames: Fred, Freddy/Freddie, Rick, Ricky/Rickie, Derick

  • Fredric (English)
  • Fredrick (English)
  • Friedrich (German)
  • Fritz (German diminutive of Friedrich)
  • Frédéric (French)
  • Frederic (French, English)
  • Friduric (Ancient Germanic)
  • Frederik (Danish, Dutch)
  • Fredrik (Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish)
  • Frigyes (Hungarian)
  • Friđik (Icelandic)
  • Federico (Spanish, Italian)
  • Federigo (Italian)
  • Fricis (Latvian)
  • Frīdrihs (Latvian)
  • Fryderyk (Polish)
  • Frederico (Portuguese)
  • Friderik (Slovene)
  • Fridericus (Latin)
  • Frederikas (Lithuanian)

Feminine forms:

  • Frederica (English, Portuguese)
  • Frédérique (French)
  • Frederikke (Danish)
  • Fredrika (Swedish, Finnish)
  • Friederike (German)
  • Friđrika (Icelandic)
  • Federica (Italian)
  • Fryderyka (Polish)