Rukia will be familiar for many fans of the Bleach manga as the name of one of its main characters, Rukia Kuchiki. Although it’s written with the katakana ルキア, according to its author Tite Kubo he seems to have based it on Latin Lucia meaning “light” (*interesting fact for those who don’t know but in the Japanese language there isn’t an L sound, often being transliterated as an R sound).

However, Rukia can also be written with various kanji with various meanings such as:


  • “flow, current”
  • “precious stone; gem; lapis lazuli”
  • “detain; fasten, halt”


  • “hollyhock”
  • “rare, unusual”
  • “rare, uncommon; hope; beg, request”


  • “Asia; second, ranking next”

There are other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’s るきあ.

Rukia could also be used as a variant spelling of Ruqayya, an Arabic female name meaning “spell, enchantment, charm” or “rise, ascent”.

Rukia is also the name of a genus of birds in the white-eye family. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the meaning nor origin behind the name.

Origin: Japanese, Arabic

Meaning: a variety of meanings depending in the kanji used; also a variant transcription of Ruqqaya “spell, enchantment, charm” or “rise, ascent”; also the name of a genus of birds

Usage: Japanese, Arabic


  • Ruqqaya (Arabic
  • Ruqqayah (Arabic)
  • Ruqaya (Arabic)
  • Ruqaiya (Arabic)
  • Ruqaiyyah (Arabic)
  • Roghayeh (Persian)
  • Rukiye (Turkish)
  • Rukiya (Arabic)- Rukiya is also a Japanese male name


Nadezhda is a Russian female name meaning “hope” via Russian nadéžda наде́жда (hope, expectation)< Proto-Slavic *nadeďa (hope) which ultimately derives from a PIE origin.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “hope”

Usage: Russian, Bulgarian

Nicknames: Nadia, Nadya (Russian and Bulgarian diminutive)

Pronunciation: nu-DYEZH-də (Forvo)


  • Nadejda (Russian, Bulgarian)
  • Nadzeya (Belarusian)
  • Naděžda (Czech)
  • Nadège (French)
  • Nadine (French, German, English)
  • Nadežda (Slovak, Serbian, Latvian)
  • Nadzieja (Polish)
  • Nadya (Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian)
  • Nadiya (Ukrainian)
  • Nadia (Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, French, Italian, Spanish, English)