Adelia is an elaborated form of Adela, itself the Latinate form of Adele which derives from Germanic element adal (noble) via Proto-Germanic *aþalaz(noble) < *aþalą (nature, disposition; nobility, race) which derives from an unknown origin though it could be linked to PIE *at-al  (family, race) from *at(i)- (beyond, over) + *h₂el- (to grow, nourish).

Adelia is also the name of a genus of flowering plants though in this case it seems to be composed of Ancient Greek prefix a- (a negative prefix) combined with delos δήλος (visible) so the name would mean “not visible”, which seems to have arisen due to the difficulty in interpreting the genus.

Origin: uncertain; Proto-Indo-Europeam

Meaninga variant of Adele/Adela “noble”; also the name of a genus of flowering plants “not visible”

Usage: English, Spanish



  • Adelya (English)
  • Adela (English, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Ancient Germanic)
  • Adella (English)
  • Adele (English, Latin, German)
  • Adèle (French)
  • Adélie (French)