Ibrahim is the Arabic form of Abraham, the name of an important figure in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Abraham’s name was originally Abram meaning “high father” but was changed by God to Abraham meaning “father of many”, to reflect that the than childless Abraham and his wife Sarai (whose name was also changed to Sarah) would have a son long past their childbearing age, Isaac, from whom the Hebrew people descended from, and that he would have many descendants (which he did). Abraham also had another son with his wife’s Egyptian servant, Hagar; his name was Ishmael, considered the ancestor of the Arab people.

Ibrahim is also an Arabic surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Semitic

Meaning: “father of many” or “father of multitudes”

Usage: Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Bosnian, Albanian, Dhivehi

Nicknames: Brahim, Ibro (Bosnian), Rahim



  • Ebrahim (Arabic, Persian)
  • Ibraheem (Arabic)
  • Abraham (Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish)
  • Avraham (Hebrew)
  • Ibragim (Chechen, Ossetian)
  • Aabraham (Finnish)
  • Aapo (Finnish)
  • Abraam (Biblical Greek, Georgian)
  • Ábrahám (Hungarian)
  • Abramo (Italian)
  • Abraão (Portuguese)
  • İbrahim (Turkish)
  • Ibrahima (West African)
  • Abram (Russian, Georgian, Hebrew, English)
  • Avram (Hebrew)
  • Avrum (Yiddish)

Ibrahim- إبراهيم (Arabic)

Ibraaheem- އިބްރާހީމް (Dhivehi)