Dagmar is a Scandinavian and German female name meaning “day maid” made up of Old Norse elements dagr (day) < Proto-Germanic *dagaz which derives from an uncertain etymology though it’s been linked to PIE root *dʰegʷʰ- (to burn); and mær (maid, girl; and, in a more poetic sense, daughter).

I’ve also seen Dagmar listed as being an Old Danish form of Slavic Dragomira, the feminine form of Dragomir meaning “dear, precious + peace; world”

Origin: Proto-Indo-European; Proto-Slavic

Meaning: “day maid”; could also have originated from Slavic Dragomira “dear, precious + peace; world”

Usage: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, German, Czech, Slovak


  • Dagmær (Ancient Scandinavian, Old Norse)
  • Dagmara (Polish)
  • Dagna (Polish)
  • Dagnė (Lithuanian)


Frederick is the English form of Friedrich, a Germanic male name meaning “peaceful ruler”, made up of Germanic elements frid (peace) and ric (ruler); frid comes from Proto-Germanic *friþuz (peace, tranquility) via *frijaz (free) which ultimately derives from PIE root *preyH– (to love); and ric via Proto-Germanic *rīks (king, ruler) which ultimately derives from PIE root word *h₃reǵ- (to straighten, to right oneself).

Frederick is also an English surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “peaceful ruler”

Usage: English

Nicknames: Fred, Freddy/Freddie, Rick, Ricky/Rickie, Derick

  • Fredric (English)
  • Fredrick (English)
  • Friedrich (German)
  • Fritz (German diminutive of Friedrich)
  • Frédéric (French)
  • Frederic (French, English)
  • Friduric (Ancient Germanic)
  • Frederik (Danish, Dutch)
  • Fredrik (Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish)
  • Frigyes (Hungarian)
  • Friđik (Icelandic)
  • Federico (Spanish, Italian)
  • Federigo (Italian)
  • Fricis (Latvian)
  • Frīdrihs (Latvian)
  • Fryderyk (Polish)
  • Frederico (Portuguese)
  • Friderik (Slovene)
  • Fridericus (Latin)
  • Frederikas (Lithuanian)

Feminine forms:

  • Frederica (English, Portuguese)
  • Frédérique (French)
  • Frederikke (Danish)
  • Fredrika (Swedish, Finnish)
  • Friederike (German)
  • Friđrika (Icelandic)
  • Federica (Italian)
  • Fryderyka (Polish)