Tanvi is an Indian female name meaning “slender, thin” or “delicate” which comes from Sanskrit tanu तनु (thin, slender) which ultimately derives from a PIE root word.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “slender, thin” or “delicate”

Usage: Indian, Hindi, Marathi


  • Tanu (Indian, Hindi)


Kayla is a female given name which likely originated as a shortened form of Michaela, the feminine form of Michael meaning “who is like god?”, a rhetorical question implying there is no one like God.

Kayla may also have originated as a combination of Kay (a name with several possible meanings and origins, though often used as a nickname for Katherine) combined with the suffix -la.

It’s also possible that Kayla might have originated as a variant transcription of Kaila, the Yiddish form of Hebrew Kelila meaning “crown of laurel”. Kayla is also the name of a dialect spoken by members of the Agaw people of Ethiopia, possibly meaning “artisan” or “one who has not crossed”, in reference to the fact that Jews had to avoid certain activities during the Shabbat.

Kayla may also have been inspired by Caelan or names such as Keelin or Keeley derived from Scottish Gaelic caol meaning “slender, thin”.

Origin: Proto-Semitic; Proto-Celtic

Meaning: a shortened form of Michaela “who is like god?”; possibly an elaborated form of Kay, often used as a nickname for Katherine; possibly a variant of Kaila, Kelila “crown of laurel”; possibly “artisan” or “one who has not crossed”; or possibly inspired by Gaelic “slender, thin”

Usage: English


  • Kaila (English, Yiddish)
  • Cayla (English)
  • Caila (English)