Asiya آسية is the name of the wife of the pharaoh during the time of Moses, his adoptive mother according to Islamic tradition. The name seems to be derived from Arabic root word a-s-y أسي “to be distressed, to be gloomy”.

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “to be distressed, to be gloomy, grieved”

Usage: Arabic


  • Assia (Maghrebi Arabic)
  • Asja (Bosnian)


Jabez is the name of a character in the Old Testament who is blessed by God. The name comes from Hebrew meaning “sorrow” or “pain”, so named because his birth caused his mother great pain.

Jabez is also a surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “sorrow” or “pain”

Usage: Hebrew, English

Pronunciation: jay-bez (Forvo)


Delora is an English female name, a variant of Dolores, a Spanish female name meaning “sorrows”. It comes from the Spanish title La Virgen María de los Dolores (The Virgin Mary of the Sorrows); dolores is the Spanish and Latin plural form of dolor meaning “pain, grief, sorrow” derived from PIE *delh₁-* (to split, divide).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “sorrows”

Usage: English

Nicknames: Del, Delly, Della, Lora



  • Dolores (Spanish, English)
  • Delores (English)
  • Deloris (English)
  • Dolors (Catalan)
  • Dores (Portuguese, Galician)
  • Addolorata (Italian)
  • Dolorès (French)
  • Lola (Spanish & English diminutive of Dolores)
  • Lolita (Spanish & English diminutive of Dolores)
  • Loli (Spanish & English diminutive of Dolores)