Tatum comes from an English surname, a variant spelling of Tatham, originating as a locational name for someone who came from a place called Tatum. The second part of the name comes from Old English hām meaning “homestead, village, estate” while the first part is made up of Old English personal name Tata, itself of unknown meaning. It’s possible that it may be derived from Old Norse teitr (glad, cheerful, merry).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning“Tata’s homestead”

Usage: English



Teddy originated as a diminutive form of Theodore or Edward. Theodore is the English form of Greek Theodoros meaning “gift of god” or “god’s gift”, made up of Ancient Greek elements theos (god) and doron (gift), both deriving from a PIE origin. Teddy could also be used as a nickname for Theodora, the feminine form of Theodore.

Edward is an English name meaning “rich guard” or “wealthy guardian”, composed from Old English elements ēad (wealth, riches) and weard (ward, guardian), both of which also derive from a PIE origin.

Teddy is also a word, in reference to teddy bears, stuffed toy bears named after American president Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: a nickname derived from either Theodore “gift from god” or “god’s gift”; or Edward “wealthy guardian” or “rich guard”

Usage: English


  • Teddie
  • Ted
  • Tedd