Amelia is an English female name, a variant of Amalia, the Latinized form of Germanic Amala which comes from Germanic element amal meaning “work”, likely in reference to industrious labor. Amelia has often been confused with Aemilia, an Ancient Roman gens that comes from an entirely different source (the name Emily derives from it).

Incidentally, Amelia is also an Italian and Spanish surname which seems to have originated from Aemilius, an Ancient Roman gens which seems to be derived from Latin aemulus meaning “rival; striving to equal or excel” via Proto-Italic *aimos (imitation) deriving from PIE root word *h₂eym- (to copy, imitate).

Origin: Proto-Germanic; Proto-Indo-European

Meaning: “work, labor”

Usage: English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, German

Nicknames: Amy, Lia, Melia, Mila/Meela/Mela, Millie/Milly



  • Amalia (English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Dutch, German)
  • Amala (Germanic)
  • Emelia (English)
  • Amilia (English)
  • Amalie (German)
  • Amelie (German)
  • Amelina (Ancient Germanic)
  • Amalija (Lithuanian, Slovene, Croatian)
  • Amálie (Czech)
  • Amélie (French)
  • Émeline (French)
  • Amália (Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovak)
  • Amélia (Portuguese)
  • Emmeline (English)
  • Emmalyn (English)
  • Emmaline (English)

Male forms:

  • Amelio (Italian, Spanish)