Ertuğrul is a Turkish male name, the name of the father of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire. The name is composed of Turkish er (man) and tuğrul (referring to a mythical bird of prey, perhaps based on a falcon).

Ertuğrul is also a Turkish surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Turkic

Meaning: “man + bird of prey”, possibly in reference to a falcon”

Usage: Turkish

Pronunciation: in Turkish the ğ is a silent letter so Ertuğrul in Turkish is pronounced as er-tu-rel (Forvo)


  • Tuğrul (Turkish)

Ertuğrul ارطغرل‎ (Arabic)


Evelyn is a name which at first glance seems easy to discern but has a deeper history than one would think. At first glance it would seem to be an elaborated form of Eve combined with the –lyn suffix (which could be based on Welsh llyn meaning “lake”). Eve is the name of the first woman created by God in the Bible; her name is derived from Hebrew hawwa meaning “alive, living” which derives from a Proto-Semitic origin. 

But while that may be the modern interpretation of the name, Evelyn has deeper roots that aren’t quite so clear-cut. It originated as an English surname, originally spelled Aveline, which was brought over to England after the Norman Invasion. Aveline, or Avelina, was originally a double diminutive of Ava,  a Germanic name of unknown meaning which seems to derive from Germanic element avi, though the most common meaning attributed to it is “desired, wished for”- but that’s just a theory. Another possible theory is Proto-Germanic *albiz meaning “elf” but that doesn’t seem as likely. 

It’s also possible that Ava may have originated from Eva, the Latinized form of Eve.

As a given name, Evelyn was first used as a boy’s name, like many surnames (Ashley, Shirley, Beverly, etc.) but eventually became more popular for girls.

Origin: unknown

Meaning: could be an elaborated form of EveLyn “alive, living + lake”; also a name with Germanic roots, of unknown meaning though commonly attributed to mean “desired, wished for”; perhaps based on the name Eve

Usage: English



  • Evaline (English)
  • Evalyn (English)
  • Evalynn (English)
  • Evalynne (English)
  • Eveline (English, French, Dutch)
  • Eveleen (English)
  • Aveline (English)
  • Evelina (English, Italian, Swedish)
  • Avila (Ancient Germanic)


Eliam is the name of two figures in the Bible, the name of the father of Bathsheba (the wife of King David and the mother of Solomon), as well as the name of one of David’s Thirty Warriors. The name means “God’s people” or “people of God” though I’ve also seen it listed as meaning “God is my nation”, composed of Hebrew el אל (god) and am עם (people, nation).

Origin: Proto-Semitic, Hebrew

Meaning: “God’s people” or “people of God” or “God is my nation”

Usage: Hebrew


  • Eliyam (Hebrew)
  • Elyam (Hebrew)
  • Ammiel (Hebrew)- a transposed form of Eliam